This Mentorship Program is designed to provide guidance and support on your personal of professional path to transforamtion. Whether your goal is greater knowledge, deeper connection or a clearer awareness of your path, the common denominator is your desire transform.  This program is designed based on weekly session via Skype/Facetime and is priced accordingly. Other options are available. 


This option is focused on growing personally to better your personal relationships with yourself and the world around you.  Transformation is the goal, the work is specific to your barriers, struggles and challenges.

This program is right for anyone who is:

  • Ready to break through resistance to change and find power in your life.
  • Stuck and looking to expand your potential.
  • Sick and tired of the non-sense and is ready to move through it.



This option is focused on growing personally to transform your professional experiences. Getting clear on the desired changes within your business and personal life, will allow you to become really clear on your next steps.

This program is right for anyone who is:

  • Currently a coach, yoga teacher or therapist, or looking to become one.
  • Willing to break through personal resistance to find power in all aspects of your journey.
  • Ready to break through the mundane, to inspire people towards transformation.
  • Ready to did deep, to guide others to do the same.




Ready to find out more or schedule?

If you are ready to schedule and appointment, want more information or want to see if coaching is right for you, email me to set up a time to explore what services would best fit your lifestyle.  Multiple packages and offers are available based on your needs and goals. 

E-mail pam@pamgodbois.com