Why Developing your Niche is crucial to have a successful wellness business?

As a therapist, yoga teacher and wellness educator, I could probably pretty easily be everything to everyone. I have spent my entire career, (and lets be honest most of my childhood) helping other people.

There was a time early on in my career where I did exactly that. I worked with children, adolescents, adults, grandparents, with any diagnosis, need or struggle. This is what I found, I rarely got individual referrals, people didn’t care if they saw me or someone else in the practice. Referral sources had no idea who I was or which types of clients to refer to me. Now lets be clear, I was not a new therapist, I was just new to private practice. It was about a year in that I decided to become really clear on my Niche, and a miraculous thing happened. I started getting referrals to me directly, people would wait for me to have an availability and I left that practice and moved 25 minutes away and ALL of my clients followed me. They followed me not because I am the only options, but because we were a good fit, from the get go and they saw me as an expert in what they needed.

Your Niche is what sets you apart from your ‘competition’. It is what makes you stand out as an expert in that field. It also did an amazing thing for my life, working with a population that I was drawn to help, makes getting out of bed in the morning easy, it makes helping people through difficult times easy and it makes my success rates much higher than other therapist in my area.

Where you live, your expertise and who you are passionate about helping will help to drive you to finding your Niche. Niching is a numbers game really.  For example, the larger the population the smaller the Niche (Adolescent girls with bi-polar disorder). Now if you are in a small town in Northern NH or Montana, you have a smaller population you Niche might be broader (Adults in your community).

When determining your niche is is important to determine who you want to serve and why. If you are a yoga teacher who loves working with kids, may be that is your Niche, need smaller, maybe working with elementary age girls around issues of self esteem through yoga, because you have seen yoga transform the lives of so many young women. Broader? How about adults who use yoga to get a great workout, because those are the classes you are dawn to?  When you pair the who with the why, your Niche becomes stronger.

The other benefit I have found to niching, is it has allowed me to research, develop and explore resources for my ideal client. Which means I have more time to actually see clients, because I don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time a client needs a resource.

We all have a population and areas of interest we are drawn to, have strengths working with or really enjoy. I challenge you to carve out your niche today. Explore and examine what has gotten in the way in the past and develop a plan of action to move forward. You will be so glad you did.


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