This Mentorship Program is designed to help you develop the tools necessary to hone your own craft. Whether you are a therapist, a yoga teacher or simply want to develop deeper connections and greater awareness of your path. In this mentorship program we dig deep and explore the patterns that got you to where you are today, and tweak what needs adjusting. 

 Price: $625 $525/ MONTH

Option 1:

This option is focused on personal transformation.

Whether your goal is developing a stronger yoga practice, healing an injury, managing stress, deepening relationships or becoming clear on what drives you, I will help you jump onto the path of mastery.

Together we will establish a plan to map out your exact course. Explore physical and emotional road blocks, and develop proven strategies to improve your quality of life. I will personaly guide you on a weekly basis to a deeper understanding of your body and gaining greater emotional well-being.

Option 2:

This option is focused on professional transformation.

This option is great for yoga teachers wanting to become more clear on the therapeutic aspects of yoga.  Deepen your understanding of anatomy and anatomical actions in the body, and develop further skills to guide your students in a way that aids their emotional wellbeing.

This option is also great for therapists and coaches looking to gain further understanding of the mind-body connection.  Explore how the body holds trauma and stress develop specific strategies to manage physical symptoms to aid in emotional wellness for your clients.

Together we will establish a clear plan, based on your individual needs.





Ready to find out more or schedule?

If you are ready to schedule and appointment, want more information or want to see if coaching is right for you, email us to set up a time to explore what services would best fit your lifestyle.  Multiple packages and offers are available based on your needs and goals. 

E-mail pam@pamgodbois.com