Prop, Modify & Align

You may have been taught there is one way to move, strike a pose, or engage a muscle. The truth of the matter is the human body was designed to move in many different ways, and no two bodies are alike. In the Chromatic approach to yoga, we believe, there is not right or wrong, there are simply many options dependent on the desired outcome.

This 2 hour workshop is designed for both yoga teachers and students wanting to gain a better understanding of the human body, how it moves and what that means for the practice of yoga. In this practice we will explore uses for props, options for modifications and what alignment means and why we care about it.  If you have a desire to learn and are curious to explore how your body moves, this workshop is perfect for you.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels.

**Early Bird and double workshops discounts available.

1 workshop: $35 Early Bird- Register by 2/28 $30

2 workshops: $60

Register at Aerial Moon, Nashua, NH

Mar 10 2018   10:30am - 12:30pm