The Path to Deeper Connection

Each of us has a story to tell about a time in our lives where we felt incredibly vulnerable. For some, those stories end with love, support and connection, for… [more]

Change Your Patterns, Change Your Life

Our thought patterns develop as a result of our life experiences. The interesting thing is, it doesn’t take a large number of negative experiences to product negative thought patterns. If… [more]

Build Shoulder Strength & Stability in Down Dog

Do you struggle with shoulder pain and tension?  Do you practice yoga to counter the actions of your “day job” that include sitting at a desk, riding in a car,… [more]


Stop it! Just Stop it already. Now that I have channeled a little Bob Newhart, I just want to add that I’m pretty sure if things keep going this way… [more]

Growing Beyond “Caring What Others Think”.

I was sitting with a client this week and realized half way through his session that he has been in conflict with an acquaintance, and has not been wrapped up… [more]

Resolutions and Inspiration in a New Year.

As a new year begins we often write, speak or imagine our resolutions for this time of change.   A resolution can be grand and difficult to achieve or it… [more]

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