Growing Beyond “Caring What Others Think”.

I was sitting with a client this week and realized half way through his session that he has been in conflict with an acquaintance, and has not been wrapped up… [more]

Resolutions and Inspiration in a New Year.

As a new year begins we often write, speak or imagine our resolutions for this time of change.   A resolution can be grand and difficult to achieve or it… [more]

Why Developing your Niche is Crucial to a successful Wellness Business

Why Developing your Niche is crucial to have a successful wellness business? As a therapist, yoga teacher and wellness educator, I could probably pretty easily be everything to everyone. I… [more]

From Inspiration to Action: The Step by Step Guide

We are all inspired by different outside forces.  The greatest inspiration often comes from the most powerful sources. For me this is often my own heart. The inspiration to act,… [more]

The 7 Steps to a More Effective You

When working in the wellness field we are often faced with helping other people overcome their own shit. Some struggles can be simple, while others are more complex and challenging…. [more]

How My Daughter Made Me a Better Therapist and Coach.

Compassion begins at home.  It is where we learn to problem solve, tolerate frustration and love.  But let’s face it, parenting can be a frustrating job some days. I adore… [more]

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