Learn to Fly: Arm Balances-Foundations and Beyond

Do arm balances freak you out? Get ready to rock these often elusive poses in a way that makes you feel like a super star. No matter what your level, we are going to demystify these poses using anatomy to give you power, strength and safety in these incredibly detoxifying poses.  If you are a more advanced student you are going to love this opportunity to focus on mastery. Completely attainable for strong beginners and up.


Learn to Fly: Handstand

Are your feet glued to the ground or maybe the wall when trying to handstand? Do you long for the pure bliss of handstanding in the lush green grass of your childhood? Whether this is your first inversion workshop or you are well versed in the art of handstands, get ready to feel like an acrobat.  Through the use of anatomy and alignment you will uncover your strength and balance in a safe and supported environment. Get ready to rock your handstand and have tons of fun!Attainable for strong beginners and up.


Strength and Flow for the Hips

Do you struggle with low back pain, tight hip flexors or impossibly tight hamstrings? Tight hips can feel impossible to open, no matter how long you stay in pigeon.  Expect to uncover the secrets to greater hip mobility and strength.  This practice will begin with a slow flow to warm the body and release stress, followed by a detoxifying practice that will strengthen, tone and open the stuck areas in the lower body creating greater range of motion in the hips. Open hips will lead to freer back bends and forward folds as well as stronger arm balances and better posture.  Delve in and develop a new level of comfort in your body and in your practice. Attainable for all levels


Detox to Retox

Detoxing is all the rage. Everywhere you look you will see how important it is to detoxify the tissue, the organs and the mind.  Detoxifying the body will lead to better digestive health, decreased inflammation and more energy.  This practice will focus on breath work and a warming yoga flow full of twisting, folding and moving to leave you feeling amazingly strong and healthy. You will walk away feeling completely refreshed and with a new understanding that will carry through years of practice. Attainable for strong beginners and up.


Backbending: Finding the Joy

Back bends can be difficult for some and joy filled for others. In this workshop you will learn new techniques to create a sense of opening, strength and the power to keep your back safe and healthy.  Utilizing specific strategies to go deeper you will create space to rock your strongest and most open backbend yet!!  The practice will begin with a slow flow that will build on itself,  warming and opening the body and preparing you for joy and bliss.  Attainable to strong beginners and up.


Roll and Restore

Total body wellness is achieved when you release tension, deepen your breath and find a sense of balance within the body. Both physical and emotional stress leads to deterioration in your tissue, and a sense of dis-ease in both the body and mind.  This class will unwind tension within the body in the systematic and intuitive way that will lead to improved range of motion, longer leaner muscles, and an overall sense of well-being.  This class with utilize Yoga Tune Up balls as part of the therapy.  This is a gentle and restorative style practice, all levels are welcome, no yoga experience is necessary.


Find Your Bliss: Flow and Yoga Nidra

Take time to bliss out.  This practice begins with a gentle to moderate flow designed to  offer you a sense of  grounding on the mat, bringing you from a busy work week, into a settled and relaxed place, ready for the benefits of Yoga Nidra. You will then be guided into a supported and comfortable position where the practice finishes with Yoga Nidra, a guided relaxation, to relax and heal the bodies systems.
Yoga Nidra induces the relaxation response, your body’s healing state where revitalization and regeneration occur. Your body knows exactly what to do to attain–and maintain–perfect health and equilibrium, but you need to turn on the healing switch. Yoga Nidra is that healing switch that brings us effortlessly, compassionately, and rapidly out of the fight-or-flight state and into the healing state.


Yin and Restore

Yin Yoga (deep stretching) coupled with Restorative poses The basic tenants of Yin are, come into a pose, and find the appropriate edge, resolve to remain still and hold the pose for a time. While the physical benefits of Yin range from detoxifying tissue, preventing degeneration of the bones and increasing mobility of the joint, the mental benefits vary as well. This practice will allow you to learn to relax and let go of the chaos while improving you range of motion (flexibility) and spine health.  The Essential Oils add a lovely depth to the practice of relaxation.  This practice is wonderful for athletes and desk sitters alike.


Shoulder Mobility for the Win

In the culture of cellphones, computers and tablets, we have all begun to develop more tensioning the shoulders and pain in the upper back and neck. In this workshop we will systematically unravel the tension, learn cutting edge strategies to engage the muscles to reverse this action and develop a whole new awareness of your posture. Find space and freedom in the shoulders and let go of the pain and mobility issues that binde you.

Teacher Workshops:

     Adjustments, Finding the Ease: Description Coming Soon

    Anatomy Basics: Movement and Flow: Description Coming Soon

    Anatomical Cueing: The Language of the Body: Description Coming Soon

***This list is a current sample, Pam is always willing to work with you on developing a custom workshop to meet your needs, and any of the above or created workshops can include the use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, 

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