Pam Godbois is a full spectrum health and wellness expert, and a self proclaimed nerd. A licensed Social Worker, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher, Pam dabbles in all things health related including a grain free lifestyle and understanding how fuel equals function on many levels.  Pam’s motto is to dream big, and aspire to greatness. Every one of us has the potential to create an amazing life.

Pam stumbled into teaching when a local gym was looking for a Pilates teacher in 2007. The same pattern played out with yoga in 2008 and Pam found she really enjoyed sharing her love of yoga with her students. In the gym setting Pam found that many of her students were struggling with pain and injuries related to competitive sports, including running, cycling and “old college sports injuries”.  She found that guiding students to better understand that mobility and stability are an integral part of function and healing, had her hooked on teaching, and created a thirst for more knowledge to share.  Since that time Pam has been teaching a functional yoga practice that continues to grow and inspire students everywhere.

Pam, on her quest to gain more knowledge and information to share has studied with Lynne Beiger, Ame Wren, David Regelin, David Vendetti, Goldie Graham, Josh Summers, Bec Conant, Sadie Nardini, Raghunath, and Matt Giordano.  Pam firmly believes that the moment you stop being a student, you cease to be a teacher.

Her goal in teaching is to allow you to gain a better understanding of your body and mind through alignment, engagement and introspection. As a teacher, Pam believes in letting go of competition and judgment and accepting who you are today.  Pam loves to share the transformational and healing power of yoga, food and a healthy lifestyle.

As a therapist and coach Pam uses her knowledge of the brain, the body, emotional health and behavioral patterns to help you see more clearly your path and helps you to build skills, hurdle barriers and over come the ghosts of your past to meet your goals.  She is a firm believer that the answers lie within each of us and often what is needed is a little guidance and a lot of clarity to get to where we are headed.  

When “off duty”, Pam can be found clowning around, playing with her daughter Marley, in the kitchen concocting yummy vegan and gluten free treats, researching food and health, at the beach, or dreaming of life as a Gypsy.

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