When working in the wellness field we are often faced with helping other people overcome their own shit. Some struggles can be simple, while others are more complex and challenging. I have found that the more complex the task, the more skilled I need to be at self examination. This ability to look at myself, see who I am, and do the work I am asking my clients to do, has allowed me to be the best parent, wife, teacher, therapist, coach (and every other thing) I can be.  This practice of self study, has helped me to reduce burnout in a high burnout field, and teach others to do the same. The steps are simple, clear and sometimes easier said than done. But give them a try, you’ll be glad you did.

  1. Know what kind of person you are. Where you feel most safe and what challenges you. I know that I, and many people, feel safest when I feel grounded, it is why we like to connect with nature, it is why many people say they are fearful of heights.  This may be easier said than done. But notice where and when you feel most at peace, and begin to explore what about that situation is helpful, this will begin to offer you a clue.
  2. Take time for yourself, take a daily walk, practice yoga at home or in a classroom setting, read, write in a journal, schedule time with people you care about, people that are uplifting and help to make positive influences on your life. Maybe this means a girls weekend, a yoga retreat or some kind of adult camp.
  3. Be honest, accepting and loving of and towards yourself. If this is a challenge for you, think about how you would guide your best friend or daughter when in a time of struggle and do that. What words of wisdom would you share?  How would you be supportive and how would you like to be supported. It is really important to know what works for you (if you have not thought about this look at how you support others, this is usually how we like to be supported). Be sure that you don’t bull shit yourself, don’t over analyze, but by all means don’t accept the BS at face value, dig deeper. Remember the “why” question in our inspiration post, same rules apply. Why do I need support in this way? Why do I believe this to be true? And then accept that we all have struggles.
  4. Find people or a person you can connect with, feel comfortable with and gives you what you need, but will also challenge your BS. These people are more difficult to find, but are definitely worth the frogs you have to kiss to find them. (You know what I mean).
  5. Figure out what setting is the best for recharging, then do that. Alone, around people, at the ocean, mountains, by a pool, under a palm tree, you decide what works and then do more of that. Recognize when you are tired and recharge your battery before you run out of juice.
  6. Nurture your body and soul. Eat well, and find a community that aids in the healing and nurturing of the soul. For me it’s the yoga community, it is why I love retreats and festivals. See what it is for you and do more of that.
  7. Love yourself unconditionally. This means, loving all your faults, short comings and successes! Accepting who you are and not beating yourself up! (I know I said loving self in number 3, but it bears repeating).

Know this, I am always willing to share the love, the grounding and the stories, I am here to be of service…unless I am away and don’t answer, then I am following my own suggestions. XO

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