The path to physical and emotional wellness can be empowering and filled with joy and bliss, or it can be teeming with sorrow and struggles. For most of us there is a bit of both.  My role is to make the journey as successful as possible. I have found that, although your journey is uniquely yours, I am confident I can help you overcome the obstacles that have been laid before you.

Mentorship Program

Sometimes as Wellness Experts we get stuck, we are looking to grow our business or start a new brand, but figuring out how to do that can seem overwhelming and down right hopeless at times.

Whether you are starting out, stepping out on your own or looking to get really clear and Niche down to build your client base, this mentorship program could be for you. This program is designed to aid you in the process of honing your focus, figuring out what step to take next and building your client base.

Pricing plan based on package chosen. For more information or to set up a free consultation email us at pam@pamgodbois.com

Yoga Classes and Workshops

Yoga is an amazing way to shape both the body and mind to develop the skills you want in your life. Whether handstand, or inner peace, yoga is a great path.  Join me on the mat in my yoga section where I offer workshops and classes in person and online.

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Every Tuesday

Barga Yoga

5:00 - 6:30

This 90 minute intense, integral class is a challenge on the Barre and on your mat. The first 45 minutes focuses on Barre and is designed to sculpt your calves, inner/outer thighs, and glutes. When you’re not elegantly pulsing your… [more]

Every Sunday

Yin Yoga

167 South River Road, Bedford, NH, United States
9:00am - 10:00am

**** This class is on hold for the summer, to resume in September****Total body wellness is achieved when you release tension, deepen your breath and find a sense of balance within the body. Both physical and emotional stress leads to deterioration… [more]



Summer Nature & Nurture Retreat

August 3-6, 2017

There is no doubt that a summer yoga retreat is like summer camp. And if you have been to Good Commons in Plymouth, VT, you know that is certainly the case here, that is if camp has, amazing food, wonderful accommodations and awesome yoga classes.  But what is so reminiscent of Summer Camp are the amazing relationships that are built and the connections made to self, the community and nature.

For more information see the Retreat page, or email us at pam@pamgodbois.com

Kind Words from the People I Work With

Refreshing change from the ordinary.

“Pam's unique strength is her aptitude to empower and motivate a wide variety of students. My first yoga class with Pam was transformational! Her infectious energy and vast knowledge of yoga make her classes a singularly refreshing, and essential part of my yoga practice.”

Kerri Antosca

Love the online Yoga

“Pam's Tuesday morning virtual yoga keeps me on track, even when I can't leave my home. When my little one is sleeping upstairs, I'm bending and twisting downstairs with Pam and others virtually in the early morning hours. It sets the tone for a positive day! Sometimes my 5 year old comes down, thumb in mouth, and does some of the moves with us. It's a lot of fun and I am so glad this option is available for us folks with busy lives!”

Dawn Reeby

Yoga with Pam, my go-to yoga

“Yoga with Pam is my go-to for balancing my heart, opening my soul and stretching myself just beyond my abilities. She is kind, gentle, and inspirational in her teaching technique. As I began my yoga practice, her support always made me feel safe and protected from injury. I highly recommend Pam as a yogi, both in-person and through her podcasts.”

Stacey York

Challenged and Inspired!

“Pam's teaching is both challenging and playful. Pam has encouraged me to let go of fear and helped build my confidence by gently pushing me out of my comfort zone!”

Kelly Froio, Yoga Teacher

Butt Kicked, Mind Chilled

“I credit a lot of where I am in my practice today to Pam and her classes. She has an incredible knack for understanding where your body is in relation to your practice and providing guidance towards taking that next step forward. Whether you are taking a relaxing yoga nidra class or one of her butt-kicking 'pamsanity' classes, Yoga with Pam Godbois is something you have to experience to truly understand.”

Abby Rosmarin, Yoga Teacher



Contacting Pam

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